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Monday, July 27, 2009

Using Proxy To Surf Internet in Firefox

Why need proxy?

1) To hide your online privacy and anonymous web surfing.
2) To bypass some of the company or school network rules (e.g. block facebook site. etc)
3) To view some website that restrict geographical area access (e.g. some sites from other countries are not viewable in Malaysia using Malaysia ip)
4) To access some site with smooth view experience without lagging.
5) To spoof your identity on the internet. (e.g. in a forum, spoof that you are not a malaysian using ip)

So, how to use proxy in order to archive above functions?

First of all, you will need a browser. In this tutorial, I will recommeded using Mozila Firefox.

1) Get a free proxy website that provide free proxy server.
You can get more if go google search for free proxy server list.

input the confirmation code to get a list of free proxy servers.
Then, you will get a list of proxy server with ip and port provided
Please note that, there are total of 3 types of proxy server: elite, transp, and anony.
Transparent Proxy – IP address can be caught by sever using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR variable, such proxies usually used to increase internet speed and decrease amount of abroad traffic (some internet providers grant their user free local traffic).
Anonymous Proxy – IP address can not be caught by server but server knows that proxy was used during connection. It is very useful to be anonymous surfing in internet .
Elite Proxy – IP address as well as fact that proxy was used during connection can not be caught by server. Best way to hide any information about you presence in internet.
 copy the ip and port of proxy server to your firefox network setting

Configure the firefox network setting: Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings

Please note that don't forget to check the option "Use this proxy server for all protocols".

Well done, you are now can surf the net using proxy server!!
Please leave comment if you need some help, we love feedback!

Some advice when using proxy:
1) Do not log in any account that is very important to you when you are using proxy, since all connection will be pass through the server, that is no guarantee of confidentiality!
2) Don't ever think that no one can trace you when you are using proxy, although it is hard but it is possible too! So, please do not use proxy to do bad things.
3) Some proxy may have some restriction (i.e. require to enter confirmation code while surfing to a new site), so choose your proxy wisely.



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