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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CCNA Challenge iPhone and iPad App FREE DOWNLOAD just went live with an iTunes application that is targeted to all Cisco network hardware users and is especially helpful to current and future Network Administrators, Systems Analysts, CIO's, etc.

The app, CCNA Challenge, is a fun brain teaser game that keeps the player's CCNA skill level sharp and can be used to prepare anyone for taking the CCNA exam. It was developed by a CCNA as an educational game for current CCNA's and aspiring CCNA's. CCNA Challenge can be played with no time limit to allow for beginners and those needing additional time to thoughtfully consider appropriate responses. It also has three speeds to add an additional challenge.

It has 10 different levels of 20 questions per level with all questions drawn randomly from a pool of over 2000 possible questions so the player will never get bored. This also prevents the player from memorizing the questions at any level and removing the challenge. CCNA Challenge rates the player so that an 80% successful completion rate is necessary to progress to the next level.

Those who use the timed challenge are rated at each successive level based on a combination of efficiency, quality, speed and attention. This allows any player to maximize the amount of knowledge and skill while progressing through the various levels. CCNA Challenge is available for free in the Lite version which consists of two levels of play, or in the Pro version for $1.99 which allows for an additional eight levels of play. The CCNA Challenge app also has a link to the website which contains a blog with valuable information about various networking issues.

There is also a surprise gift for those who successfully complete all 10 levels., is a privately held company, that both buys and sells, out of channel, new and used network hardware, from Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Brocade Communications Systems, Redback Networks, Force10 Networks, F5 Networks and phone equipment, from Avaya and others. To find out more, please visit