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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CCNA Challenge iPhone and iPad App FREE DOWNLOAD just went live with an iTunes application that is targeted to all Cisco network hardware users and is especially helpful to current and future Network Administrators, Systems Analysts, CIO's, etc.

The app, CCNA Challenge, is a fun brain teaser game that keeps the player's CCNA skill level sharp and can be used to prepare anyone for taking the CCNA exam. It was developed by a CCNA as an educational game for current CCNA's and aspiring CCNA's. CCNA Challenge can be played with no time limit to allow for beginners and those needing additional time to thoughtfully consider appropriate responses. It also has three speeds to add an additional challenge.

It has 10 different levels of 20 questions per level with all questions drawn randomly from a pool of over 2000 possible questions so the player will never get bored. This also prevents the player from memorizing the questions at any level and removing the challenge. CCNA Challenge rates the player so that an 80% successful completion rate is necessary to progress to the next level.

Those who use the timed challenge are rated at each successive level based on a combination of efficiency, quality, speed and attention. This allows any player to maximize the amount of knowledge and skill while progressing through the various levels. CCNA Challenge is available for free in the Lite version which consists of two levels of play, or in the Pro version for $1.99 which allows for an additional eight levels of play. The CCNA Challenge app also has a link to the website which contains a blog with valuable information about various networking issues.

There is also a surprise gift for those who successfully complete all 10 levels., is a privately held company, that both buys and sells, out of channel, new and used network hardware, from Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Extreme Networks, Brocade Communications Systems, Redback Networks, Force10 Networks, F5 Networks and phone equipment, from Avaya and others. To find out more, please visit


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Many Malaysian Government Sites Hacked

Malaysia's Communications and Multimedia Commission said that 51 websites in the domain were attacked beginning late Wednesday, and that 41 of the sites suffered various levels of disruption.

Shutdown Means Darkness For Most Government Websites
The MCMC, the country's Internet and telecommunications regulator, did not however provide information on the nature of the attacks, or the people behind it, describing them only as "unknown hackers".

However, it made references to some of the websites recovering quickly, suggesting that these sites faced a DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attack rather than a hack.

DDoS attacks can make a website inaccessible to users by swamping the website with traffic from hundreds or thousands of computers.

Such attacks are a known tactic of Anonymous, a hacker group that had threatened to attack Malaysia.

The MCMC had noticed a reduction in the levels of attack by 4 a.m. local time Thursday, it said. The attacks had little effect on Malaysian users, and most of the websites have already recovered, it said.

"We do not expect the overall recovery to these websites to take long," it said.

"The public is advised to report any information they may have regarding the identity of these hackers as the act to disrupt network services is a serious offence," it said.

Anonymous has used various online forums to threaten Malaysia with an attack in protest against the government's decision to block 10 websites that reportedly allowed the download of pirated content. Earlier this week, Anonymous invited people to join Operation Malaysia, targeting a government website from 7.30 p.m. GMT on Wednesday (3.30 a.m. Thursday, local time).

List of hacked Malaysia government website (16 June 2011, 11:26am): cannot view cannot view cannot view cannot view cannot view (not sure if this because of attack) already already already already already only see Hello world from WordPress. already already already already response (maybe because of DoS attack). response already. already. cannot view cannot view. already. already. cannot view.
They’re also exposing 392 account details in Sabah Tourism site from over 3400 users. The data that posted online were email, addresses and passwords. It was defaced with words that include “Deface by Kambeng Merah: Credit to DarkJawa”.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

CCNA Exploration 1: Network Fundamentals – Chapter 11 Exam

01. Immediately after a router completes its boot sequence, the network administrator wants to check the routers configuration. From privileged EXEC mode, which of the following commands can the administrator use for this purpose? (Choose two.)
  • show flash
  • show NVRAM
  • show startup-config
  • show running-config
  • show version
02. Users in the network are experiencing slow response time when doing file transfers to a remote server. What command could be issued to determine if the router has experienced any input or output errors?
  • show running-config
  • show startup-config
  • show interfaces
  • show ip route
  • show version
  • show memory
03.Refer to the exhibit. A technician applies the configuration in the exhibit to a clean router. To verify the configuration, the technician issues the show running-config command in the CLI session with the router. What lines should the technician expect to see in the router output from the show running-config command?
* enable password class
  line console 0
  password ccna
* enable secret cisco
   enable password class
   line console 0
   password ccna
* enable secret 5 $1$v0/3$QyQWmJyT7zCa/yaBRasJm0
  enable password class
  line console 0
  password ccna
* enable secret cisco
  enable password 7 14141E0A1F17
  line console 0
  password 7 020507550A
* enable secret 5 $1$v0/3$QyQWmJyT7zCa/yaBRasJm0
  enable password 7 14141E0A1F17
  line console 0
04.Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator on HostA has problems accessing the FTP server. Layer three connectivity testing was successful from HostA to the S1 interface of RouterB. Which set of commands will allow the network administrator to telnet to RouterB and run debug commands?
* RouterB(config)# enable secret class
  RouterB(config)# line vty 0 4
  RouterB(config-if)# login
* RouterB(config)# enable secret class
  RouterB(config)# line vty 0 2
  RouterB(config-vty)# password cisco
  RouterB(config-vty)# login
* RouterB(config)# enable secret class
  RouterB(config)# line vty 0
  RouterB(config-line)# password cisco
  RouterB(config-line)# login
* RouterB(config)# enable secret class
  RouterB(config)# line aux 0
  RouterB(config-line)# password cisco
  RouterB(config-line)# login
* RouterB(config)# enable secret class
  RouterB(config)# line aux 0
  RouterB(config-vty)# password cisco
  RouterB(config-vty)# login
05.The connection between routers B and C has been successfully tested. However, after rebooting router C, the administrator noticed the response time between networks and is slower. Ping between the two routers is successful. A trace route indicates three hops from router B to router C. What else can be done to troubleshoot the problem?
  • Ping router B S0/1 connection from router C.
  • Trace the connection between router B to router C S0/1.
  • Issue a show ip route command in router B to verify routing is enabled.
  • Issue a show ip interface brief command on router C.
06. What command is used to change the default router name to Fontana?
  • Router# name Fontana
  • Router# hostname Fontana
  • Router(config)# name Fontana
  • Router(config)# hostname Fontana
07.The serial connection shown in the graphic needs to be configured. Which configuration commands must be made on the Sydney router to establish connectivity with the Melbourne site? (Choose three.)
  • Sydney(config-if)# ip address
  • Sydney(config-if)# no shutdown
  • Sydney(config-if)# ip address
  • Sydney(config-if)# clock rate 56000
  • Sydney(config-if)# ip host Melbourne
08.Refer to the exhibit. The output is shown for the show ip route command executed on Router A. What does the IP address represent?
  • Gateway for the network
  • Gateway for the network
  • IP assigned to the serial port on Router A
  • IP assigned to the serial port on Router B
09.Refer to the exhibit. What additional command is required to allow remote access to this switch from hosts outside the local network?
  • NA-SW1(config-if)# no shutdown
  • NA-SW1(config)# enable password password
  • NA-SW1(config)# ip default-gateway address
  • NA-SW1(config-if)# description description
10. In a Cisco device, where is the IOS file stored prior to system startup?
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • Flash
11. When network services fail, which port is most often used to access a router for management purposes?
  • AUX
  • Ethernet

  • Console

  • Telnet

  • SSH

12. A network administrator needs to keep the user ID, password, and session contents private when establishing remote CLI connectivity with a router to manage it. Which access method should be chosen?
  • Telnet
  • Console
  • AUX
  • SSH
13. In a Cisco router, when do changes made to the running-configuration take effect?
  • after a system restart
  • as the commands are entered
  • when logging off the system
  • when the configuration is saved to the startup-configuration
14.Refer to the exhibit. Which names correctly identify the CLI mode represented by the prompt for Switch-East4#? (Choose two.)
  • line configuration mode
  • user executive mode
  • global configuration mode
  • privileged executive mode
  • interface configuration mode
  • enable mode
15. Which three terms correctly define the forms of help available within the Cisco IOS? (Choose three.)
  • hot keys
  • context-check
  • context-sensitive
  • structured check
  • command override
  • command syntax check
16. Which combination of keys would be used at the CLI prompt to interrupt a ping or traceroute process?
  • Ctrl-C
  • Ctrl-P
  • Ctrl-R
  • Ctrl-Shift-6
  • Ctrl-Z
17.Refer to the exhibit. What command will place the router into the correct mode to configure an appropriate interface to connect to a LAN?
  • UBAMA# configure terminal
  • UBAMA(config)# line vty 0 4
  • UBAMA(config)# line console 0
  • UBAMA(config)# interface Serial 0/0/0
  • UBAMA(config)# interface FastEthernet 0/1
18. On a Cisco router, which interface would be used to make the initial configuration?

19.Refer to the exhibit. A student is responsible for the IP addressing, configuration and connectivity testing of the network shown in the graphic. A ping from host B to host C results in a destination unreachable but a ping from host B to host A was successful. What two reasons could account for this failure based on the graphic and partial router output for the Dallas router? (Choose two.)
  • The host A is turned off.
  • The Fa0/0 interface on Dallas is shutdown.
  • The LAN cable is disconnected from host B.
  • The S0/0/1 IP address of Dallas is improperly configured.
  • The Fa0/0 interface on Dallas is in a different subnet than host B.
  • The clock rate is missing on the serial link between Dallas and NYC.

Friday, June 10, 2011

CCNA Exploration 1: Network Fundamentals – Chapter 10 Exam

01.Refer to the exhibit. A student working in the lab selects a cable that is wired as shown. Which connection types can successfully be made with this cable? (Choose two.)
  • connecting a PC to a router’s console port
  • connecting two routers together via their fast ethernet ports
  • connecting two switches together at gigabit speeds
  • connecting a PC to a switch at Gigabit Ethernet speeds
  • connecting two devices with the same interface type at Fast Ethernet speeds
02. Which option identifies the primary interface which would be used for initial configuration of a Cisco router?
  • AUX interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • serial interface
  • console interface
03. What makes fiber preferable to copper cabling for interconnecting buildings? (Choose three.)
  • greater distances per cable run
  • lower installation cost
  • limited susceptibility to EMI/RFI
  • durable connections
  • greater bandwidth potential
  • easily terminated
04. A network administrator is required to use media in the network that can run up to 100 meters in cable length without using repeaters. The chosen media must be inexpensive and easily installed. The installation will be in a pre-existing building with limited cabling space. Which type of media would best meet these requirements?
  • STP
  • UTP
  • coaxial
  • single-mode fiber
  • multimode fiber
05. What does the term “attenuation” mean in data communication?
  • loss of signal strength as distance increases
  • time for a signal to reach its destination
  • leakage of signals from one cable pair to another
  • strengthening of a signal by a networking device
06. How many host addresses may be assigned on each subnetwork when using the network address with a subnet mask of
  • 30
  • 256
  • 2046
  • 2048
  • 4094
  • 4096
07. Which subnet mask would be assigned to the network address of to provide 254 useable host addresses per subnetwork?
08. A company is planning to subnet its network for a maximum of 27 hosts. Which subnet mask would provide the needed hosts and leave the fewest unused addresses in each subnet?

09. What type of network cable is used between a terminal and a console port?
  • cross-over
  • straight-through
  • rollover
  • patch cable
10. Which device is used to create or divide broadcast domains?
  • hub
  • switch
  • bridge
  • router
  • repeater
11.Refer to the exhibit. What destination IP address will PC1 place in the header for a packet destined for PC2?
12.Refer to the exhibit. Based on the IP configuration shown, what would be the result of Host A and Host B attempting to communicate outside the network segment?
  • both host A and B would be successful
  • host A would be successful, host B would fail
  • host B would be successful, host A would fail
  • both Host A and B would fail
13. Which three types of connectors are commonly associated with Cisco’s V.35 serial cables? (Choose three.)
  • RJ 11
  • DB 60
  • Winchester 15 pin
  • DB 9
  • smart serial
  • RJ 45
14.Refer to the exhibit. How many subnets are required to support the network that is shown?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
15. What are two common methods for setting a UTP Ethernet port to MDI or MDIX operation? (Choose two.)
  • cable color code association
  • cable selection and configuration
  • use of cable testers to determine pinouts
  • the automatic detection and negotiating of MDI/MDIX operation of the port
  • the enabling of the mechanism to electrically swap the transmit and receive pairs
16.Refer to the exhibit. A student is setting up a home network primarily used for extensive file transfers, streaming video, and gaming. Which network device is best suited to these types of activities in the topology shown?
  • wireless access point
  • router
  • hub
  • switch
17. Which three statements are true about the role of routers in the network? (Choose three.)
  • They propagate broadcasts.
  • They enlarge collision domains.
  • They segment broadcast domains.
  • They interconnect different network technologies.
  • Each router interface requires a separate network or subnet.
  • They maintain a common frame format between LAN and WAN interfaces.
18.Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has decided to use packet capture software to evaluate all traffic from the student subnet on the way to the Internet. To ensure that all packets are captured, what network device should be used to connect the monitoring station to the network between R1 and R2?
  • hub
  • router
  • firewall appliance
  • wireless access point
19.Refer to the exhibit. Assume that all devices are using default settings. How many subnets are required to address the topology that is shown?
  • 1
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 7
20.Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements are true about the exhibited topology? (Choose three.)
  • Hosts B and C are in the same subnet.
  • Five broadcast domains are present.
  • Host B is using a crossover cable to connect to the router.
  • Four broadcast domains are present.
  • Five networks are shown.
  • Host B is using a rollover cable to connect to the router.
21. To establish a console connection from a computer to a Cisco router, which cable wiring option would be used?
  • crossover cable
  • straight through cable
  • rollover cable
  • V.35 cable
22.Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements identify the type of cabling that would be used in the segments that are shown? (Choose three.)
  • Segment 1 uses backbone cabling.
  • Segment 1 uses a patch cable.
  • Segment 3 uses patch cabling.
  • Segment 3 uses vertical cabling.
  • Segment 3 uses horizontal cabling.
  • Segment 4 uses vertical cabling.
23.Refer to the exhibit. A network technician has been allocated the private IP address range for use in the network that shown in the exhibit. Which subnet mask would be used to meet the host requirements for segment A of this internetwork?