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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to Auto Start Thunder at Any Time 自动启动迅雷在任何时刻

maybe you are a collague who is stayed with a group of people or blah blah blah
and the most suck thing you are sharing with  most the streamyx or blah blah blah broadband.
So, they have their rule to ensure they can surf the net without any lag.
Their rule: Only can download from 12:00AM to 6:00AM..

You said this is a great rule, it can ensure the line at home smooth before 12:00AM
you can still googling or blah blah blah before 12:00AM
you want download something but it can only start from 12:00AM, are you gonna to wait at there til 12:00 AM and finally can open the thunder or other download application? Ow man, it definitely wasting my time!!!

As a result, I will show this "auto way" to all of you. If you using my method, you can go sleep at 8:00pm also but the thunder application will automatic start and the download progress will continue on anytime. Sound great, right?Let's start our tutorial :)

ll let your download progress continue when your thunder application is start.

Open your command prompt(Start->Run->cmd). Enter the command above. Dun forget to get your own thunder application path! The time also can be change as you want.

After execute the command(press enter), you will get the red border message which show you are successfully added one job.

Well.. you can now go to sleep and wait your thunder start automatically. ^o^

How to automatic shutdown your computer??
the red border show the time you want before shutdown. For instance, 3600 mean after one hour your computer will auto shutdown. the time unit is in second.

*all above method are tested in window xp only. I am not sure other OS is compatible.

You are welcome to ask me question ^o^

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