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Monday, April 7, 2008

Access Command Prompt from UTAR

There are many method to unlock the command prompt in UTAR
Below are those method that found out by the people :

Method 1:
Create a batch file. First open the notepad. After that..
---------------(copy after this line)
---------------(copy end)
Save the word above into xxx.bat and run it then it will pop up a shell which is cmd.

Method 2:
Using gpedit.msc. gpedit.msc can be found in the %systemroot% normally is 'winnt' or 'windows' folder. When you click on it, choose the User Configuration -> Administrative Template -> System.

Then you will find 'Prevent access to the command prompt', click it.

Choose 'Disabled'
After that, you can start your command prompt in your program accessories.

Method 3:
Modify the registry key of the command prompt in the regedit.

If any of UTARIAN found any method, you are welcome to share your experince and method with us to



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