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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi to all CN Y1 S2 guys and gals - PART 1

hi , hi , hi ...

actually nothing special la ~
juz wan you all to come to my blog
raise my blog traffic !

oh no ...
pls dont go ...

ok , let's talk serious

Below is the practical solution from prac1 - prac5
yoho ...
is full solution from lecturer
guess where i get it ??? a secret
Can you keep a secret ? ^.^

I hope those practical solution will help you all in the assginment ^.^

thx to uncle calvin :)

Prac 1 solution

Prac 2 solution

Prac 3 solution

Prac 4 solution
hehe...this put wrong, should be database lecturer , soli soli .. x.x

Prac 5 solution

due to some condition
prac 6 - 10 solution will upload before tuesday ^.^

If got any question, dont hesitate to let's us know
or juz leave comment here let us noe ^.^

aligato :)


Jong said...

this is great!
thanks alot ya ^^
i was lost all my prac, besides prac2 =='
U came in the prefect timing!

Anonymous said...

u all memang hacker gila mampos XD pro sia

Anonymous said...

cont wif the gud work. dun got red handed lo~