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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chapter 1 - Winrar EXE

Hi to all :)

Today find something interesting to blog !
For those who are interested , hope that really helpful to them :P

Sometime, when you download some files from the internet
After completed, you go to click the file
But unfortunately, it did not give you any response.
Then we can conclude that : Congratulations, your computer might be infected by virus and Trojan . :)

Mostly those file which can spread Trojan or virus is exe file.
Exe file is kind of executable file , it can use many kind of method to bulid it .
One of the easiest way is using the WINRAR.

Winrar, I assume that most of the people know what it is. =.=
Let's start !

First , you must have winrar install on your computer.
Then, point to the file that you wish to compile into exe file , you can either select only one or more than one.

---->Press the mouse right button and select 'add to archive'.

After that, a window will pop up

---->Then check the 'Create SFX archive' box, you can see the .rar become .exe

---->Select 'SFX options'

---->There are three way to extract the exe file
------->Create in program files ( This one everybody should know)
------->Create in current folder ( This one means it extract the file in where your exe file locate)
------->Absolute path (This option let you can choose where you wan to extract the exe file)
----------->eg: %systemroot%, c:\windows, %userprofile%\Desktop ... etc.

---->Setup Program( Let you choose wat to run when extract the exe file)
------->Run after extraction, eg:trojan.bat
------->Run before extraction eg:girl.jpg
Please note that the file that you wish to run must be include in the archive.

#This is the part how the trojan affect your system! When you click it, nothing happen but what really happen is the trojan had inject something into your system. So, this part are important if you wanna made a trojan. :)

---->You can also delete the file after execution of the exe file.
------->eg: your file include before compile to exe :girl.jpg, start.bat, source.bat. after the extraction you wish to delete source.bat to avoid people see your source code, so this delete file option will help you

---->The temporary mode can ignore, less use
---->Slient mode
------->Hide all: this mean you run the exe file without anything pop-up just like wat i already said on above.

---->This is the coolest part.
---->You can change the icon of your exe file. That mean you can really made the file like rar file then other people will treat it as rar file, then they will go to click. Conclusion: If you really wan made a good torjan to bluff people to click accidentally, find a icon that is normally can find in windows default, such as :winrar icon, zip icon, folder icon, txt icon...etc.

---->This part I also less use, unless you really wan to create a software program if not ignore it.

---->This part not so important , ignore it.:)

So, we had done !
Do you success made your exe executable file from winrar ?
Any question dont hesitate to ask !
I am willing to help :)

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