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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Start Your messenger and Chat wif your friend


Start Copy After The Line
@echo off
echo This Is A Bat File That Open Messenger And Can Send Msg To Other PC
echo P/S :Other Computer Must Also Open Messenger
echo Send This File To Them If Wan to Chat Wif Them :)
echo Authuor : BNC
echo Product : startM


@echo off
sc config messenger start= auto
net start messenger

echo Now You Can Send Msg !
set /p Ip= -Your Friend IP ^>
set /p Msg= -Your Msg ^>

net send %Ip% %Msg%

echo Press 1 To Contiune Send Msg
set choice2=
set /p choice2=

if '%choice2%'=='1' goto main

if '%choice2%'=='2' goto end


Copy End Before The line

Copy and Save it to xxxxx.bat (xxxxx is the file name that u like)
Then Just Click it
When u run it
it will start the messenger that include in xp , not the MSN!

after that , u need to enter the ip of your friend pc (ur friend oso muz be started the messenger or else error will occur), then juz type in the message follow wat show in command prompt

Just Press Enter
If you wan to continue sending msg to other , press 1 , if not , press 2 to exit.

Hope Enjoy This Batch File :)

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