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Monday, March 17, 2008

Hi to all CN Y1 S2 guys and gals - PART 2

Haha ...
part 1 seen like really helpful to all the CN ppl

So here is the part 2 :
Prac 6-10 Solution
No Password at all
Congratulations to those who success break the password on part 1 !
Erm... I think it is too simple
iz it ? :p

For those who had get the practical solution completely from here, I do hope that everybody should keep the voice down, it is not necessary to let as many people know, no need to talk around in UTAR campus. Hmm... if this thing let's those tutor know, hehe...maybe next time no more this kind of stuff share to all the CN people already liao lo !

apa macam ?
So, just share among the CN people , cause CN IS THE BEST :)

CN is the BEST!!!
CN is the BEST!!!
CN is the BEST!!!
CN is the BEST!!!
CN is the BEST!!!

Thx to uncle calvin :)
Thx to Ms.Priya :P

HaHa... Above that is not the file
Here is the right link :P
Prac 6-10 Solution

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